Live Webinar: Cyberbullying at home and in the office

May 25, 2023
at 10:00 am

Webinar Description

Bullying is a global problem that affects all of us at some point in our personal or business lives. This is particularly true in an era marked by the increased use of digital technologies and social media that have taken bullying online and made it harder to fight thanks to the anonymity of the internet.

Cyberbullying can be defined as the use of electronic communication to harass, intimidate or humiliate someone, and these acts increasingly fall into the realm of criminal offences. Several laws have been enacted to counter this scourge, including the Cybercrimes and Cyber Security Act of 2019, and the Protection of Harassment Act of 2011.

During this webinar, we will gather experts from CYBER1 Solutions with experience in this area to address cyberbullying comprehensively, at the home or the office, in a dynamic dialogue that will unpack preventative measures, legal options, and psychological support.

Moreover, we will look at some alarming statistics, the role that business leaders and other stakeholders can play in terms of dealing with this issue, as well as the damaging effects it can have on employees.

We will discuss:

  • How cyberbullying impacts individuals
  • How everyone in the organisation can make a difference
  • How to prevent cyberbullying in the home
  • What individuals can do to make their homes safe spaces
  • What to do in the event of cyberbullying
  • The importance of having a cyberbullying policy in place
  • What should be covered in this policy
  • How to build an effective cyber security policy


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Webinar Presenters

Jessica Knoop
CYBER1 Solutions - Security Awareness Consultant

Knoop is a cyber resilience business development manager who is responsible for working with customers to uncover issues, cyber risks, and gaps in their cyber resilience they may be unaware of.

She does this through a focused process of telephonic assessment and utilising cutting-edge technologies, after which she advises them on the best methods to protect themselves against the latest attack methods and techniques.

In addition, as a security consultant, she covers other challenges affecting the business, such as employee awareness on issues such as cyberbullying, as well as staying safe online, and basic cyber hygiene.


  • BA Honours in Psychology (with Distinction)
  • Cyberpsychology consultant (Udemy)

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