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We ensure that we integrate into your organisation’s systems, processes, people, and your existing technology in order to become a critical part of your team.


Get the most out of your Cyber Security investments with skilled experts from our team to support yours.

Providing innovative and cost-effective services and solutions requires experienced staff. CYBER1 Solutions employs a significant number of security-certified technical consultants, providing superior knowledge & comprehensive expertise. We have highly skilled and experienced technical teams located in our regional offices in Europe, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Dubai

Are you interested in a security approach based on identify, protect, detect, respond & recover?

Core Services

NIST Framework

Organize and improve your Cyber Security

Managed Cyber Security Services

Monitoring and managing security devices and systems

24/7 Detection & Response

Experts in Cyber Security and threat detection


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Security is not just computer science – it’s a mindset