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Meet Paul

Paul Dean

Head of Cyber Operations

Paul Dean, Head of Cyber Operations at CYBER1 Solutions, has had years of experience in driving the design and implementation of high-level security plans to enhance the security of employees, property, and proprietary data across the organisations he works with. He began working at the organisation (previously known as DRS) in 2020 as a Security Consultant – DevOps, before being promoted to Information Security Executive, and finally to his current role. Before joining the company, he headed up Information Security at African Bank, and has held roles in several notable companies, including African bank, Atio Corporation, EDS Africa, and Telkom SA. Paul has a successful history of achieving company goals by developing IT budgets, implementing the latest technologies, reducing operational costs, and improving user experience. In his current role, he has been instrumental in optimising the operational framework by assessing current processes, designing cost-effective Cyber Security technology solutions and directing the executive team on best practice and processes.