About the Management Team

Meet Jayson

Jayson O’Reilly

Managing Director

Jayson has been in the Cyber Security industry for over 24 years, and is currently fulfilling the Managing Director role in CYBER1 Solutions, he has had the privilege of working with some of Africa’s largest and most complex businesses providing technologies and consulting services, always learning from clients’ challenges and partnering when dealing with the ever-changing adversary. Over the past seven years, Jayson has dedicated his time to understanding how attack vectors have evolved and how they affect any businesses operations and ultimately the bottom line.

Working with CFO’s, CIO’s and CISO’s Jayson has ensured each of these stakeholders clearly understand Cyber Security is a true business enabler and in many cases a business differentiator. For Jayson, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and he understands that each entity has a different appetite for risk. Research and technology are his passion, which enables him to make a real difference, not only with customer engagements but with CYBER1 Solutions’ internal risk strategy too. He believes Cyber Security is a true business enabler, and in many cases, a conversation that sets his business apart from the industry, as practising what you preach is core to building long-term customer trust.