About the Management Team

Meet George

George Messum

Operations & Strategy Director

George Messum, Operations & Strategy Director for CYBER1 has worked with the company for the last five years, and has provided support to the C-Level executive and Board of Directors across a range of key business projects.

When he joined the company, he was initially involved in investor relations and listing compliance capacity, but has expanded his scope of involvement and responsibilities, to include areas such as corporate governance and risk. Drawing on his years of expertise, he has also recently begun providing crucial strategic and key project management deliverables directly to the Board as well as the Group President.

To augment his experience, George has studied for a Master’s degree in cyber security, which has helped him translate his deep understanding of the evolving threat landscape and today’s security environments into the company’s unique approach and methodology.

Based in London, George is also a key part of the team responsible for growing the CYBER1 Solutions business in Middle East & Europe, collaborating with the General Manager and Head of Operations, to identify and grow business opportunities in the region. Prior to joining CYBER1, George worked within several leading capital markets and fintech organisations.