Who We Are

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About Us

CYBER1 Solutions is a Cyber Security specialist operating in South Africa, East & West AfricaMiddle East and Europe. We provide innovative, agile, end-to-end security solutions to support our customers at every step along their security transformations.

Our solutions deliver information security; IT risk management; fraud detection; governance and compliance; as well as a full range of managed services. We also provide bespoke security services across the spectrum, with a portfolio that ranges from the formulation of our customers’ security strategies to the daily operation of end-point security solutions. To do this, we partner with world-leading security vendors to deliver cutting-edge technologies augmented by our wide range of professional services.

Our services enable organisations in every sector to prevent attacks by providing the visibility into vulnerabilities they need to rapidly detect compromises, respond to breaches, and stop attacks before they become an issue.

What Sets Us Apart?

The one thing we know for sure, is that ticking boxes does not secure an organisation, which is why at CYBER1 Solutions, we challenge the norm. We find the gaps in your environment and find a way to close them. We verify and validate that your resilience capabilities can really protect your business. We do this by challenging the way that threat actors behave in your environment because we understand it, and then we employ the right technology, at the right time in order to make a real difference to the business, and keep your data safe and secure.

About The Management Team

We have brought the world’s best and brightest minds from across a wide range of industries to create a new kind of Cyber Security company, one that delivers protection from today’s complex and sophisticated threats, and stops cyber attacks at every point across the organisation.

Jayson O’Reilly
Managing Director
Jayson has been in the Cyber Security industry for over 24 years...
Edison Mazibuko
Technical Director
Edison Mazibuko began his journey in the Cyber Security industry...
Paul Dean
Head of Cyber Operations
Paul Dean, Head of Cyber Operations at CYBER1 Solutions, has had...
Clarence Beukes
GM for Commercial Sales and Operations
Clarence Beukes, GM for Commercial Sales and Operations at CYBER...
Ethel Nyembe
Director – Strategic Customer Alliances
Ethel Nyembe has had a varied career ranging from public relatio...
Larissa Hills
Head of Human Resources
Larissa Hills, Head of Human Resources at CYBER1 Solutions is a ...
Quintin Selzer
Financial Manager
Quintin Selzer the Financial Manager at CYBER1 Solutions is an a...

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

CYBER1 Solutions is committed to building a secure and booming digital future for everyone. Through social responsibility initiatives that strengthen diversity and equality, and promote inclusion, our aim is to advance Cyber Security across Africa, Asia and Middle East & Europe, to affect positive change, and ensure the safety and future of our digital world.

Our Strategy

At CYBER1 Solutions, our strategy is to provide full Cyber Security assessments for our customers, to enable them to gain total visibility of their vulnerabilities and attack surface, and to identify key gaps in their security solutions. We then implement an ongoing and sustainable process for strengthening their Cyber Security posture, giving them the confidence that every due diligence has been done to ensure the security of their systems data.

Our Internship Programme

CYBER1 Solutions has an internship programme that gives Southern Africa’s youth an opportunity to grow and enhance their skills to help them build lasting careers in the Cyber Security industry. Internships with us provide them with hands-on experience and critical skills needed to prepare them for the workforce in the future.

Guided by the NIST Cyber Security Framework. How secure is your environment?