Security Awareness

Prevent and mitigate user risk with security awareness

Security Awareness

For the past decade, CYBER1 Solutions has worked side-by-side with some of the country’s most influential clients, businesses and global leading solutions. To us, Cyber Security awareness is so much more than an application you buy from any service provider and switch on, it is a real opportunity to build critical employee life skills by driving a shift in an organisation’s cyber awareness culture.

Campaign Management Services

Security teams are already overworked, so CYBER1 Solutions augment their efforts, and help to build a fully functional program with supporting materials such as screen savers, banners, and underpinning human resource and marketing initiatives. We also provide activation capabilities including roadshows, talks, and support services. Our aim is to ensure we share our expertise across over forty clients, share lessons learned, to build successful and long-lasting engagements.

Executive / Board Briefing Sessions

CYBER1 Solutions has, over the years, been asked to share its deep understanding of the cyber resilience domain with boards across the country. Through structured engagement, we design and build out a program for the organisation’s board, detailing the role Cyber Security has to play in the organisation’s future.

Secretary Awareness Workshops

CYBER1 Solutions understands the role of the secretary in any business, and here we help those responsible for critical executives to understand their role in a possible cyber attack. We provide the “tools “and the confidence to secretaries and other support staff, to ensure they are fully equipped to detect and prevent malicious activities facing the executives they support every day.

We also bolster our capabilities by partnering with globally recognised vendors, who automate and scale content learning capabilities, and who provide a full range of additional services through their platforms. Building a cyber resilience culture among all staff members is crucial, regardless of their level of understanding of the cyber threats that businesses face today.

Our offering is comprehensive and our engagement agile. We support and drive home core compliance requirements, and also ensure that every employee joins us on a journey of cyber security awareness and its role in the employee’s life and that of their families. It’s a life skill requiring attention and a competent partner with a track record to help drive real change.

Need a security awareness program that will work for your organisation?

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