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Data Privacy and Protection

Privacy begins with unified data discovery. Know your data with Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform. Protect what matters most. Safely use data with privacy by default.

Elevate Your Data Security with OpenText Voltage Fusion

Transform Your Data Privacy and Security with OpenText Voltage Fusion

Experience unparalleled data security and privacy management with the Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform by OpenText, proudly offered by CYBER1 Solutions. Tailored for the complexities of modern digital ecosystems, Voltage Fusion delivers cutting-edge tools for data identification, protection, and management, ensuring comprehensive security across various environments.

Key Objectives​

Data Privacy Readiness

Equip your organisation with the necessary tools to efficiently detect risky and sensitive data across your databases and repositories.

Risk Mitigation

Enhance your competitive edge with a robust data security posture that fosters trust by safeguarding customer data.

Secure Data Sharing​

Facilitate essential collaboration among teams while protecting sensitive information with comprehensive data protection policies.

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Assessment Process in 3 Easy Steps

Path to Robust Data Security and Privacy with CYBER1 Solutions and Voltage Fusion

Discover the depth of your data security and privacy landscape with our structured FREE Data Discovery Assessment. Tailored to reveal and address your unique data challenges, this assessment empowers your organisation with the knowledge and strategies to enhance data protection effectively.

Unlock the Power of Privacy

Initiate your journey by booking a free assessment with our experts. We utilise the robust capabilities of Voltage Fusion to conduct a thorough data discovery, identifying what needs safeguarding in your environment.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility

Following the data discovery, we provide you with an in-depth report highlighting potential vulnerabilities and areas of risk within your organisation. This visibility is crucial for empowering your data security strategies and ensuring comprehensive protection.

Integrated Data Protection Strategy Discussion

Conclude your assessment with a detailed discussion on how Voltage Fusion's integrated approach can fortify your data security and privacy. Learn how our solutions align with your governance practices, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

Unveil the Power of Deep Data Discovery & Protection​

Master Your Data with Unmatched Discovery and Protection Capabilities​

In the digital era, securing your data is crucial. Discover how the Voltage Fusion Data Security Platform by OpenText equips organisations to address data challenges effectively. Experience advanced data discovery and protection that ensures your information assets are comprehensively safeguarded.

Challenges & Solutions

Complex Data Environments

Navigate and manage data security across cloud and hybrid systems with ease.​

Compliance with Privacy Laws

Stay ahead of evolving regulations with proactive data privacy and security measures.

Data Utility and Protection

Data Utility and Protection

OpenText Voltage Fusion's Capabilities

AI-Driven Data Discovery

Precisely locate and evaluate the risk of sensitive data across your infrastructure.

Proactive Data Protection

Implement advanced strategies for data encryption, access control, and security.

Comprehensive Data Lifecycle Management

Effectively manage data from discovery to deletion, ensuring compliance and cost efficiency.

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Take the next step in securing your organisation’s future by experiencing how CYBER1 Solutions enhances Voltage Fusion’s deployment. Discover tailored security solutions that address your specific challenges, all powered by OpenText’s industry-leading technology.

Explore Frequently Asked Questions to Address Your Concerns about OpenText Voltage Fusion

Get Your OpenText Voltage Data Security Questions Answered

Enhance your understanding of how CYBER1 Solutions leverages Voltage Fusion by OpenText to address diverse data security concerns. From initial assessment to ongoing support, see how this partnership equips you with a robust data security framework.

CYBER1 Solutions offers a comprehensive assessment leveraging the Voltage Fusion platform’s robust capabilities. You’ll receive an in-depth discovery of your data environment, a thorough risk analysis report, and a strategic consultation to align the platform’s benefits with your specific needs, demonstrating the combined expertise of CYBER1 Solutions and OpenText.

No, there’s no obligation. The assessment is designed to provide insights and value, showcasing how the collaboration between CYBER1 Solutions and OpenText’s Voltage Fusion can enhance your data security, all without any commitment required from you.

The Voltage Fusion platform is engineered for seamless integration, which CYBER1 Solutions expertly implements to complement your existing systems. This collaboration ensures enhanced data security without disrupting your operations, leveraging OpenText‘s advanced technology.

This partnership combines CYBER1 Solutions‘ deep understanding of security needs and implementation expertise with OpenText‘s advanced data security technology, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that stands out in the market.

Voltage Fusion maintains a perfect balance between securing sensitive data and ensuring its usability, employing advanced encryption and access controls without impeding access for legitimate business processes.

Our platform enhances your privacy practices with powerful tools for detecting sensitive data across your systems, helping you maintain compliance and readiness in the face of evolving regulations.

By providing comprehensive risk assessment and management capabilities, Voltage Fusion empowers you to proactively address potential threats, thereby solidifying your data security posture and fostering organisational trust.

The platform ensures secure data sharing and collaboration by managing robust data protection policies, allowing your teams to operate effectively without compromising data security.

Absolutely. Voltage Fusion is adept at securing data across diverse environments, providing consistent protection and policy enforcement whether your data resides on-premises or across multiple cloud platforms.

Our AI-driven analysis utilises sophisticated algorithms to accurately identify and categorise sensitive data, offering you deeper insights and enabling more precise data protection strategies.

For CISOs, Voltage Fusion provides a powerful platform to bolster the organisation’s cybersecurity defences. It delivers comprehensive data protection through advanced encryption, access controls, and ongoing risk assessment, enabling CISOs to preemptively identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. By fortifying data security, CISOs can protect against breaches and cyber threats, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data assets.

Voltage Fusion aids Chief Risk Officers in establishing a comprehensive risk management framework, offering visibility into data assets and associated threats. With its robust risk assessment and monitoring capabilities, CROs can proactively identify, evaluate, and mitigate data-related risks, ensuring that the organisation’s risk posture is aligned with its risk appetite and compliance requirements, thereby safeguarding its reputation and operational continuity.

Chief Compliance Officers can rely on Voltage Fusion to streamline compliance with an array of data protection regulations. The platform’s ability to automate data discovery, classification, and policy enforcement simplifies the task of maintaining compliance amidst evolving legal landscapes. With Voltage Fusion, CCOs can ensure that data handling practices meet the strictest standards, reducing the risk of penalties and reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to data stewardship.

Our dedicated support team ensures rapid deployment and integration, providing guidance and best practices to minimise disruptions and maximise the value of your investment in Voltage Fusion.

OpenText offers extensive training and support, ensuring your team fully leverages the platform’s capabilities, with resources available for ongoing education and issue resolution.

Choosing CYBER1 Solutions and OpenText means partnering with an industry leader offering a comprehensive, user-friendly data security platform, backed by expert support and a proven track record of success.

Our platform is highly adaptable, configurable to meet the distinct requirements of your industry and compliance landscape, ensuring targeted and effective data protection.

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