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Why Join Our Team

We are always on the lookout for skilled people who are driven and passionate about Cyber Security. 

Every day at CYBER1 Solutions, we witness firsthand the impact that cyber attacks have on people and companies alike, and this spurs us on our mission to help make every business more secure from threats, and comfortable in their Cyber Security posture.

From the outset, we have brought only the best and brightest talent on board, and have a team-oriented culture of lifting our employees, and helping them through ongoing training, and career growth.

Our Culture

At CYBER1 Solutions, our work is never done, and we always strive to improve through continuous growth and learning. Our team live and breathe Cyber Security, and put integrity, transparency and collaboration at the heart of everything we do. This, along with our long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading Cyber Security vendors, ensures that our customers receive excellent and efficient Cyber Security services.

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Become part of our team