Unpacking EMEA’s top Cyber Security challenges

July 13, 2023

As organisations in every sector deploy the latest IT solutions and technologies, a slew of new security risks are introduced into their environments. Concurrently, cybercrime is growing in frequency and sophistication, and adversaries are becoming more determined, well-funded, and professional.

There’s no way around it – today’s volatile geopolitical landscape, escalating threats from rogue states, hybrid workforces, and a lack of security skills, have created a ‘perfect storm’ for EMEA’s Cyber Security professionals.

Unfortunately, too many entities in EMEA also lack an understanding of what they really need to defend themselves, and knowing this, bad actors are hard at work, designing and building solutions that can slip through the security nets.

In this white paper, CYBER1 Solutions offers some insight into the top Cyber Security challenges that organisations in EMEA are facing.

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