TCS Impact Series | Cybersecurity: not sure which direction to move?

February 7, 2023

Executives from Next DLP and Cyber1 Solutions delve into why leaders need to work together to drive a culture of collaboration and prevention.

Amid intense disruption in recent years, cybercrime has skyrocketed as attackers continue, and even ramp up, their schemes in times of crisis. And as the threat landscape evolves, cybersecurity solutions need to evolve, too.

Concurrently, while C-level executives’ minds are used to looking at things through a business lens, this isn’t the case for cybersecurity leaders, whose approach tends to focus more narrowly on technical objectives.

However, security professionals need to support the business and enable it to do what it needs to do to succeed. At the same time, they must protect the organisation from the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legal impacts of a breach that could prevent the business from achieving its strategic goals.

This means that today’s chief information security officers need to wear many hats. Hyperconnected workplaces mean CISOs need to be mediators, investigators and highly tech-savvy individuals, too. Most importantly, they need to stop being enforcers, and start being influencers, and do this while ensuring their organisation isn’t the latest target of an attack.

In today’s episode of TCS Impact Series, we delve into how all of the leaders need to work together to drive a culture of collaboration and prevention, instead of viewing each other as opponents across the boardroom. Doing this successfully will result in a better flow of communication and greater transparency among all stakeholders, resulting in stronger defences and reduced exposure to risks.

This was the at the heart of our conversation with Cyber1 Solutions and Next DLP.


The conversation inevitably turned to the security skills and tools that are needed to protect organisations both large and small. It became clear that for any cybersecurity strategy to be effective, it needs to be delivered by people with deep knowledge and expertise. These people need to understand how to manage vulnerabilities and build cybersecurity strategies that are backed by real threat intelligence and use the right technology at the right time to make a real difference to the business.

Our guests in this episode of TCS Impact Series are Jayson O’Reilly, MD at Cyber1 Solutions, Troy Gabel, chief revenue officer for Next DLP, and Fallon Steyn, regional sales manager for the Middle East and Africa for Next DLP. Don’t miss this informative discussion!

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