TechCentral – TCS+ | Why more isn’t always better in IT security

August 15, 2023

Promoted | IT security teams should embrace security control validation. CYBER1 Solutions‘ Jayson O’Reilly and Clarence Beukes explain why.

It’s easy to keep layering security solutions on top of a company’s IT systems, but this can lead to complexity, high costs and other unnecessary headaches.

This is where security control validation can play a big role, according to information security specialists CYBER1 Solutions.

In this episode of TechCentral’s TCS+, Duncan McLeod speaks to CYBER1 Solutions MD Jayson O’Reilly and the company’s GM for commercial sales and operations, Clarence Beukes, about why companies should seriously consider embarking on a security control validation project.

To kick things off, O’Reilly provides a quick refresher on CYBER1 Solutions – what it does, the segments of the market it targets, and its client profile.

Both O’Reilly and Beukes then unpack, at a high level, the big trends they are seeing in the security space in 2023, especially in the South African context.

The conversation turns to security control validation, which CYBER1 Solutions describes as being of “significant importance” in building organisational defences against cyberattacks.

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O’Reilly provides an overview of security control validation and why companies should be taking it seriously. Among other things, it’s about allocating resources more effectively to focus on areas that provide a better return on investment in security spending. A successful validation project should help organisations enhance their cyber resilience, ensure regulatory compliance, and inform the adoption of security controls.

Beukes explains how validation achieves these outcomes, what’s involved in such a project, whether it’s a once-off exercise or an ongoing process, and how success is measured.

To conclude, the conversation turns to the future role of artificial intelligence technology in enhancing Cyber Security operations. Also, what threat does AI pose to organisations, and how might adversaries use it to their advantage?

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