Asset & Threat Intelligence

API Defense Workshop

25 September 2024
from 12:00 pm
to 4:00 pm
Chancery Lane ETC Venue, 50-52 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1HL, United Kingdom

Exploring API Threats and Governance

This “hands-on workshop” is for technical professionals and practitioners interested in learning more about securing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). During this workshop, one of Salt’s certified technical engineers will take you through some of the most common security challenges for an API-first organization. These include API sprawl, bad API posture governance, and common API attacks like Broken Level Object Authorization (BOLA). Once we acquire the asset & threat intelligence through our platform, we will show you how you can reduce your overall risk by sharing that intelligence with common tools in your stack like SIEM, ITSM ticketing systems, DAST, SOAR, Syslog, and your WAF.

Workshop Agenda

Attendees are required to bring a laptop and a pen, ensure they have a working installation of Postman.

We look forward to hosting you at  
Chancery Lane ETC Venue, 50-52 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1HL, United Kingdom on 25 September 2024 from 12pm to 4pm.

API Discovery
  • What APIs do I have?
  • How are they being used?
  • Is there sensitive data in my API?
Fixing an Inadequate posture governance program
  • What risk is associated with our APIs in use?
  • Do our APIs meet corporate standards, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements?
  • How to define our standards for stakeholders?
Identifying and stopping API attackers
  • How am I being attacked?
  • Who is attacking my API?
  • Where am I being attacked from?
  • What types of attacks are happening in my environment? (OWASP API Top 10)
Operationalizing threat intelligence: risk reduction
  • How can I block an attack?
  • How do I get notified and what do I do with the notifications?
  • How can I send data to my SIEM?
  • How can I log a ticket with my ITSM tool?

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