Cyber Security Assessment

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Assessments are a critical part of building a cyber resilience program capable of standing up against all threat vectors, and to this end, we provide the following value-added services, ensuring no threat vector is left open to exploitation:

Through the use of global leading technology partnerships, we are able to provide any organisation with a clear view of their exposed digital assets. The reports provided also ensure our clients understand dark web activity and exposed user credentials. Over and above any exposed assets we have the capability to help organisations understand which third parties connect to their environment and how strong or weak their security posture is. With all this information, our assessments are able to generate a plan to mitigate any threats and plug any holes, which we are then able to help customers execute.

Security Lifecycle Review is a capability we provide that helps summarises all the security risks that your organisation faces. The review employs logs forwarded by firewalls to gain true visibility into your network. Our reports provide a high-level view of the applications in use on your network (including SaaS applications), the websites that your users are accessing, and the types of files they’re sharing. SLR reports also outline the vulnerabilities, malware, and command-and-control infections found on your network and help you to contextualise these findings against industry peers.

CYBER1 Solutions has partnered with global leading solutions providers to assist customers evaluate a new and dangerous threat vector that is wreaking havoc around the world. Our assessment is intended to build a clear and concise view of any API exposure the organisation has. Through capabilities in this solution, we also provide critical mitigating action that needs to be taken should any exposure be discovered. API threats are new and today there are very few traditional technologies that have the capability to understand the business logic of APIs deployed within clients’ environments. We also use our assessment service to get a handle on third-party API’s which might be the cause of exploitable capabilities that are already present in clients’ environments.

CYBER1 Solutions has partnered with a global leading breach simulation provider, with the aim of exposing potential gaps that may exist in the configuration of existing controls, such as endpoint detection and response, anti-malware, firewalls SOC capabilities, and more. Through thorough planning and targeted efforts, our team will work to ensure your controls or managed services are providing you the assurance you need, based on your investment. We believe proactive simulation will make sure your business stays ahead of its cyber adversaries at all times, by testing your resilience capabilities regularly through real-world Scenarios.

When it comes to gaining a foothold on your network, application and network vulnerabilities are the first things that threat actors look for, so our assessments are intended to provide total visibility across your estate, to clearly define, and prioritise efforts needed to close any gaps that might exist.

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